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VYC SI Amended May10, 2023


A fleet spring 2023 results

B Fleet Spring 2023

A Fleet Summer 2023

B Fleet Summer 2023

A Fleet Fall 2023

B Fleet Fall 2023

B Fleet Hot Rum 2023

A Fleet Hot Rum 2023




Canada Day 2023 = Only 1st race counts, 2nd race home was just for fun because the winds were great.


DNS or DNC = did not race = # boats registered

DNF =  did not finish the race within the time limit = # of boats that started the race plus 1

RET= retired from race = boat quit race before it exceeded time limit = same as DNF

OCS = over early and did not return to start = same as DNS or DNC

NSC = boat did not sail course = same as DNS or DNC






Note: if you are not able to make the date of your designated committee boat duty, it is your responsibility to switch places with another skipper on the list

VYC Sailing Racing Safety Protocol – pdf 

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Congratulations to all the overall winners for 2023

The Rob Ladan Memorial Trophy was established in 2014 and is presented to the sailor who demonstrates his or her love of sailing, who goes above and beyond to promote the sport, and exhibits sportsmanship on the race course. The winner in 2022 is Jim Dillabough.  Congratulations Jim!

The Debbie Gittins Award was established in 2017 and is presented to the woman sailor who exhibits perseverance, commitment, enthusiasm, determination, love of sailing and the joy of competition.  This year’s winner is Pamela Miller.  Congratulations Pamela!



Archived 2021/2022 results are at the bottom of the page.


Photos of the 2022 VYC Sailing Fleet’s Windup and Awards Event October 29th, 2022.

Photos of the 2022 VYC Sailing Fleet October 16th Races by Pamela Miller.
There are more photos on our:  Vernon Yacht Club Facebook Page


Photos of the first VYC Sailing Shakedown Race of 2021 by Liam Fitzgerald.


A Fleet Overall 2022
B Fleet Overall 2022

A Fleet Hot Rum2022
B Fleet hot Rum 2022

A Fleet Fall 2022
B Fleet Fall 2022

A Fleet Summer 2022
B Fleet Summer 2022

A Fleet Spring 2022
B Fleet Spring 2022


B Fleet Overall 2021
A Fleet Overall 2021

A Fleet Hot Rum 2021
B Fleet Hot Rum 2021

A Fleet Fall 2021
B Fleet Fall 2021

A Fleet Summer 2021
B Fleet Summer 2021