Vernon Yacht Club


Welcome to the Vernon Yacht Club Sailing Pages!

The Vernon Yacht Club was started by sailors over 70 years ago and our sailing fleet of over 50 racing and cruising sailboats, keep our community active. The VYC Racing Fleet of just over 20 sailboats, are member of Sail Canada and BC Sailing and follow the International Rules of Racing for their weekly races, Women’s Racing Series and Regattas.

Our sailing fleet organizes a handful of sailing socials each year and our racing fleet of 20+ sailboats run a Learn to Sail, a 2 month Women’s Racing series, a weekly race from April to October, the Vernon Regatta in June and co-chair the End to End Regatta in September with Kelowna and Penticton.

In addition to VYC’s sailing activities, there are close to 10 regattas on Okanagan Lake each year that VYC sailors are welcome to attend and often participate in.

Visit our sailing pages to learn more about our events and learn how to join our sailing community!