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Moorage Request Form

VYC Moorage Terms

Applicants MUST hold a Regular VYC Membership in good standing before applying for moorage (New Regular Membership Applicants or Social Members upgrading to Regular Membership must be APPROVED and have FULLY paid for their Regular Membership prior to applying for moorage). Often there can be other members waiting for moorage, please understand, applications are only assigned on a first come first serve basis, based on available slip lengths (slip assignments are dependent on matching boat length to slip length). Any valid unassigned applications will remain on the VYC moorage waiting list.

Members wishing to cancel their moorage, update or correct details (new boat, new motor, other), OR, requesting a move, MUST fill out THIS form … if you are only needing to update your Boat Insurance Details, please use the Boat Insurance Form

All Members need to fill in this form each spring to help the Moorage Committee determine the summer slip assignments … please include dates in/out and possibly dates that your slip may be available for things like reciprocal events.

Any Subletting Requests MUST be requested prior to March 1st … ALL Subletting MUST BE APPROVED AND HANDLED BY the VYC Office! Members are NOT allowed to PRIVATELY SUBLET OR RENT THEIR ASSIGNED SLIPS

VYC Moorage Policy states that VYC reserves the right to temporarily fill any unused/empty slips at any time … SO … if you don’t moor your boat all summer long, please let the OFFICE know when you will actually need your slip OR you may inadvertently find your slip is in use.

Current Marina Rates:
Total Length in feet * $47/Ft + GST. Total Length is the greater of EITHER your overall boat length (including bowsprits, outboards, swim platform etc.) OR the slip length. Summer Power $85 + GST Winter Power base rate $25 + GST + (metered use + GST/PST)

Moorage Request Details

New Requests: ONLY valid for Regular MEMBERSHIPS in good standing Sublet: if you aren't intending to use your assigned slip you have an option before March 1st to ask that VYC sublet (lease) your Slip to someone else in the club ... under NO circumstance are you allowed to PRIVATELY LEASE/RENT your assigned slip

Member Details

Enter the number listed at the top right of your membership card OR enter 99999 if you are submitting with a New Regular Membership
If you are Boat Sharing, please include the membership ID of the Sharing Member
Current Assigned Slip ID ... please leave blank if you don't know your slip ID

Expected Slip Usage

NOTE: Moorage over the Winter is currently restricted to D and E docks. All members, including those assigned a D or E dock slip that are expecting to leave their vessels in the marina year round MUST fill in a Winter Storage Request Form each year to ensure a Winter Slip. For those of you intending to leave your vessel in year round, please enter a usage of April 1st (THIS YEAR) for Date In and March 31st (NEXT YEAR) for Date Out.
The approximate Date you are expecting to start using your assigned slip
The approximate Date you are expecting to stop using your assigned slip
Please enter a list of potential Dates and or Events that you would be willing to offer your slip for Reciprocal Moorage use ... Events like the Regatta require a number of available slips for boats from reciprocal clubs ... this information will be a huge help to the Office Staff when trying to find available slips during these club sponcered events.

Vessel Details

Please leave blank if you haven't named your boat
Boat Photos are useful in helping us identify your boat in case of unforeseen events
Selected file will be uploaded when you submit this request
Please enter either the Make or Model of your boat
Please enter year your Boat was manufactured
Please enter the Weight of your boat in pounds
Boats with inboard or outboard motors larger then 9.9 HPR are required by law to be registered.
Boat Length (in Feet) is overall boat length including bowsprits, outboards, swim platforms etc.
Enter Width in Feet
A Key must ALWAYS be left with office
Total length with boat on trailer
Total width with boat on trailer

Moorage Preferences

Please refer to rates listed in the terms

Boat Insurance (Minimum requirement $2 Million Liability)

VYC requires you provide proof of insurance with a minimum of $2 Million Liability coverage ... a CURRENT copy of this insurance MUST be on file with the VYC office at ALL TIMES while your boat is at VYC Please understand that including your current Insurance with any request saves the CLUB STAFF VALUABLE TIME ... the goal is to eliminate extra steps required for handling email, faxing, printing and filing of these documents
Selected file will be uploaded when you submit this request

Submit Moorage Form

I am a regular member of the Vernon Yacht Club “VYC”. I have read, understand and accept the VYC Constitution and By-Laws as they relate to membership and moorage. As well, I have read, understand and accept the current Moorage Regulations. Further, I understand that from time to time there will be amendments to the aforementioned documents as approved by the VYC Executive which I will accept and adhere to as a member of VYC.

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