Vernon Yacht Club

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Instructions

You are REQUIRED to provide VYC with proof of up to date Insurance for any Vessel you leave ON SITE 
(ON SITE means either Moored in the VYC Marina or Stored on the VYC Grounds). 
Your attached Insurance Policy must clearly identify:
1) Policy in either; primary member's Name OR secondary member's Name
2) Expiry date must cover the time your vessel will be ON SITE (if it expires
during the time your vessel is ON SITE, you are required to submit another
3) Minimum of $2-Million Liability Coverage
4) The Vessel listed in the policy must match the Vessel you have ON SITE
Please enter the number listed at the top right of your membership card.
Enter your assigned slip
Enter your email Address for confirmation
Please enter your new Insurance Expiry Date YYYY/MM/DD
Please upload a copy of your Insurance Papers in either PDF or Photo (png, jpg, gif) format
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