Vernon Yacht Club

VYC Photographers

The Vernon Yacht Club has a few people to thank for the photos that make up this website and the ones that keep up with the stories on Facebook and twitter. First of all our past member, Hanny Kooyman contributed many photos over the years some of which are featured background images for this site. Hanny was the editor of the VYC Tiller Topics publication for years and her photos can be found in those publications, on the website’s Boating and Membership pages and in some of the Facebook albums. Here is one:

Vernon Yacht Club, BC, Docks

Vernon Yacht Club Marina by Hanny Kooyman


Dagmar Mrazek recently sent us some photos to be used on website and is the photographer of the About Page, the Sailing Page, the News Page and the Contact page photos.  Here is one of Dagmar’s photos:

Vernon Yacht Club Picture Sailboats by Dagmar Mrazek

Photo Credit: Dagmar Mrazek

We did a VYC Photo Competition for the Home page Photo of this website. Eleven photos were submitted and Robb Brown was the Grand Winner! Here is the winning photo:

Night Time Panorama of the VYC Marina

Night Time Panorama of the VYC Marina by Robb Brown

The latest photos were taken last weekend at our 25th Annual Boat Show by our PR Director Debbra Butler. Here is one of the favourites from the Facebook Album>

Dream Party Production's Pirate and Arial with Rob Mathews and Al Cuttriss

Dream Party Production’s Pirate Jack and Mermaid Arial with Rob Mathews and Al Cuttriss