Vernon Yacht Club

VYC Key Cards

VYC Key Card Policy

All Key Cards are assigned specifically to a Member’s Name
Key Cards are expected to be used by the assigned Member
Should a Key Card be Lost or Stolen, VYC needs to be notified immediately
All Memberships are provided one Key Card (assigned to the primary member)
A 2nd Key Card ($20 non refundable) is ONLY available to Memberships with 2 Members
VYC Members will NOT be assigned more than ONE KEY CARD
No more than 2 Key Cards per Membership will be assigned

For Lost or Stolen Key Cards, Replacement Cards are $20 non refundable
Defective Key Cards will be replaced free of charge with the return of the Defective Card

This form is for Reporting Lost/Stolen Cards and or Requesting New or Replacement Key Cards
New: a 2nd Key Card for Secondary Member is $20 Non Refundable
Defective: replacement free if card returned, otherwise $20 Non Refundable
Lost: replacement is $20 Non Refundable
Stolen: replacement is $20 Non Refundable

Member Information

Key Cards are assigned to your name .. if you report YOUR card lost or stolen ... the Key Card assigned to your name will be deactivated ... if you are NOT sure which card was assigned to you then enter any card #'s you still have in your possession in the detail section below
Please enter the number listed at the top right of your membership card.
Enter your email Address for confirmation

Key Card Detail

Do you want to replace the Key Card
Please describe the reason for this request and include the VYC Key Card # for any key cards you have in your possession
reCAPTCHA is required.