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Crane Services and or Winter Storage Request Form

Crane Services and Winter Storage Terms

1) All members wishing to use Crane Services MUST fill in this request form

2) All members wishing to request Winter Storage MUST fill in this request form
NOTE: Vessels are NOT allowed to be left in Docks A, B, or C slips over the Winter. This leaves you with 4 Winter Storage options;
– Request Leaving your Vessel in your Dock D or E slip
– Request Moving your Vessel to a Dock D or E slip
– Request Moving your Vessel to an Onsite Land Storage Location
– Move your Vessel to an Offsite Storage Location
The first 3 options require you to make a Winter Storage Request by filling in this form.
a) Winter Storage Locations will be assigned on a 1st come 1st serve basis from requests made only via THIS online form
b) All boats approved for winter onsite storage MUST be clearly tagged in the event we need to contact the owner for any reason
c) Once your request has been approved, Winter Storage Tags will be made available at the VYC OFFICE
d) Clearly Write your Skipper’s (Primary Member’s) Last Name and Summer Slip # on the Winter Storage Tag
e) Attach Winter Storage Tags in a prominent location so your boat can be easily identified
f) A tagged key MUST be provided/left with the OFFICE for ALL locked Trailers
g) ANY BOATS that can’t be IDENTIFIED will either be fined OR TOWED/REMOVED at the OWNER’s EXPENSE!

3) Each SPRING, in order to accommodate; Crane Day, Spring Cleanup, and the Annual VYC Boat Show, it is CRUCIAL that:
a) All Vessels in Winter Slips be MOVED back to their assigned slips BEFORE April 1st
b) All Vessels, Trailers and Cradles be REMOVED from Land Storage locations BEFORE the ROW DATE;
– ROW 3: BEFORE April 01st (Must all be removed before ROW 2 vessels can be removed)
– ROW 2: BEFORE April 08th (Must all be removed before ROW 1 vessels can be removed)
– ROW 1: BEFORE April 15th
As such, YOU ARE EXPECTED to be AVAILABLE in the SPRING to ensure you can meet your selected move or removal date

4) ALL Locked Trailers MUST provide a tagged KEY to the OFFICE. IF a key is NOT provided and a VESSEL needs to be moved, as per Note 3, ANY charges involved will be your responsibility.

5) All Trailers/Cradles MUST have adequate BLOCKS under ALL jacks to protect the Pavement/Asphalt from damage. OWNERS’S will be responsible for ALL costs of repairing any damage incurred by improper storage.

6) It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your boat is stored with any TARPS securely ATTACHED.

7) Any Boat/Trailer Maintenance/Cleanup being done on LAND must be adequately tarped to ensure there is no contamination of the grounds or neighbouring boats from any liquid or airborne contamination. Fines or cost of cleanup will be the responsibility of the owner

8) All Vessels MUST hold current/appropriate Insurance for the entire time the Vessel is on VYC property … a copy of that insurance MUST BE provided to the Office

Request Options

Assignments will be based on a first come first serve basis ... as space is limited there is no guarantee that all requests can be satisfied ... REMOVE before DATES are critical to; Crane Day, Spring Cleanup and Boat Show Preparation. Please carefully choose a "MUST be REMOVED before" date that you know you can meet in the spring

_ VYC Winter Storage (Land/Hard Row 1 MUST be REMOVED before Apr 15th) FULL

Member Details

Enter the number listed at the top right of your membership card
Current Summer Slip Assignment

Vessel Details

Selected file will be uploaded when you submit this request

Trailer Details

Key must be left with office
Overall Length with Boat on trailer
Overall Width with boat on Trailer

Mooring Preferences

NOTE: Charges for Hydro include a $25 Flat Fee per Slip PLUS consumption charges based on metered usage.

Boat Insurance (Minimum requirement $2 Million Liability)

VYC requires you have insurance with a minimum of $2 Million Liability coverage
Selected file will be uploaded when you submit this request

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