Vernon Yacht Club

Sail Racing Results

Check out the changes to the start/finish line, new scoring code (NSC), safety Plan and new flags (orange, blue and V flag). – new Committee Boat Procedures

Sailing Instructions 2021

Sailing Schedule 2021 VYC Final

VYC Sailing Racing Safety Protocol –


Note: if you are not able to make the date of your designated committee boat duty, it is your responsibility to switch places with another skipper on the list.


Aug 4th race abandoned due to lack of wind

July 28 race cancelled due to smoke

Jun 30 race cancelled due to heat

A Fleet Hot Rum 2021

B Fleet Hot Rum 2021

A Fleet Fall 2021

B Fleet Fall 2021

A Fleet Summer 2021

B Fleet Summer 2021

A Fleet Shakedown Race (2)

B Fleet Shakedown Race 2021

Photos of the first shakedown race of 2021 by Liam Fitzgerald.


AFleet Overall 2020

B Fleet Overall 2020

Winner of the 2019 Rob Ladan Trophy – Dave H