Vernon Yacht Club

Sail Racing Results

Check out the changes to the start/finish line, new scoring code (NSC), safety Plan and new flags (orange, blue and V flag). – new Committee Boat document

Committee Boat Schedule, Sailing Instructions 2021 and NEW Safety Plan coming soon.

Due  to COVID-19 the start of the racing season is delayed.

Registered skippers – pick up your Racing Rules of Sailing Books for 2021-2024 at the office.

Note: if you are not able to make the date of your designated committee boat duty, it is your responsibility to switch places with another skipper on the list.



A Fleet Summer 2020

B Fleet Summer 2020

A Fleet Fall 2020

B Fleet Fall 2020

A Fleet Hot Rum 2020

B Fleet Hot Rum 2020

AFleet Overall 2020

B Fleet Overall 2020

Winner of the 2019 Rob Ladan Trophy – Dave Horsham

B Fleet Overall 2019

A Fleet Overall 2019