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SI 2022 Amended May 5

Sailing Schedule 2022

How to run the committee boat

VYC Sailing Racing Safety Protocol –

Note: if you are not able to make the date of your designated committee boat duty, it is your responsibility to switch places with another skipper on the list.


A Fleet Spring 2022

B Fleet Spring 2022





Photos of the first shakedown race of 2021 by Liam Fitzgerald.


AFleet Overall 2020

B Fleet Overall 2020

B Fleet Overall 2021

A Fleet Overall 2021

A Fleet Hot Rum 2021

B Fleet Hot Rum 2021

A Fleet Fall 2021

B Fleet Fall 2021

A Fleet Summer 2021

B Fleet Summer 2021

A Fleet Shakedown Race (2)

B Fleet Shakedown Race 2021

Winner of the 2019 Rob Ladan Trophy – Dave Horsham

Winner of the 2021 Rob Ladan Trophy – Bob Annand